Claas Lexion 780 combine set to hit the market

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Claas will release the Lexion 780, its biggest combine harvester to date in 2014.

Claas Lexion 780 combine set to hit the market
Claas is set to release its biggest combine harvester yet - the Lexion 780

The new Claas Lexion 780 boasts a 16L Mercedes-Benz engine which peaks out at 590 hp to power to the largest crop headers on the market.

It delivers six different power configurations also available through the 6-10 models in the Claas 700 series of combine harvesters.

Claas says the new combine features the top quality of its predecessors in the 700 series, known for their strength, rapid throughput and efficiency.

The Lexion 780 features a larger, heavy duty Viderhaus drive, easily supporting the headers which at 40 feet in width can handle the toughest crops with "maximum care and minimal loss".

At the heart of the Lexion 780’s efficiency is its exclusive Accelerated Pre-separation APS system which consists of three cylinders; the APS, the main threshing and the impellar cylinders.

After pre-separating up to 30 per cent of the grain, the APS cylinder feeds the resulting material into the duel rotors of the Roto Plus Separation System- or the ‘straw walkers’.

"The Lexion Roto Plus Separation System features two massive rotors each more than 13 feet in length," the company says in its promo video.

"This produces the largest separation surface area of any combine harvester on the market."

The larger surface area of the combine, the company says, is the key to its faster throughput  and greater efficiency .

Threshing and separation speeds are independently controlled to match changing crop conditions.

"By pre-separating the grain and operating longer rotors more slowly the Lexion combines are able to thresh more grain while saving producers fuel costs," the promotional video asserts.

Up top, the Lexion combine features high capacity power folding grain tank extensions designed to match the throughput of the machine.

The Lexion 780 also boasts a new 29 foot augur tube perfect for big yields.

The 780 series features the all-new Claas dynamic variable cooling system, which draws clean, cool air in from above the combine, pulling it through the engine coolers and out newly designed exhaust vents.

This creates a curtain effect which prevents dust recirculating.

The 780’s factory integrated track undercarriage is designed for strong traction in all conditions including mud and dirt with minimal compaction.

Its third-generation Terra Trac track system provides stability on hills, and Auto Contour, a feature that keeps the corn heard close to the ground by automatically adjusting to ground contours.

A completely redesigned rear axle has also been added for increased stability on hills and a more efficient turning radius.

While earlier models utilised centre leg suspension to help transfer the weight of the combine better, the Lexion 780 has a four leg rear axle suspension for sure-footed traction on varied terrain.

The interior of the cab includes a leather operator’s seat and ventilation controls for comfort over long harvesting hours.

In terms of technology, the combine offers all the built in monitoring and precision farming controls required for leading edge farming, wrapped up in the Claas in-house system known as Efficient Agriculture Systems (EASY).

This technology monitors, maps, steers, adjusts, manages and provides remote diagnostics to make the most of the harvest.

For example the CEMOS Automatic, a Lexion exclusive for small grains, automatically adjusts the separation and cleaning systems of the combine based on multiple sensors, to minimise losses and maximise performance.

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