Krone Australia releases new eight knotter square baler

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Krone Australia has recently unveiled the new Big Pack HDP II baler featuring eight double knotters which Krone says is capable of producing 10 per cent denser bales.

Krone Australia releases new eight knotter square baler
Krone's new Big Pack HDP II square baler is capable of producing 10 per cent denser bales.

The release comes hot on the heels of the unveiling of Krone’s Big Pack High Speed 1290 Standard and 1290 HDP 4' x 3' square balers in the country late last year. Krone is now touring the country on a demo run for its Big Pack HDP baler.

Krone says the new Big Pack 1290HDP II – 4’ x 3’ baler has been developed to answer to customer demands for increased efficiency and better quality bales.

On top of potentially producing 10 per cent denser bales, Krone adds the new Big Pack HDP II baler can pump up to 70 per cent more bales an hour compared to the original 1290 HDP baler introduced in 2005 without compromise on density.

The secret to the improved performance, Krone says, lies within its world’s first eight double knotters design compared to the traditional six in other balers.  

According to Krone, the new patented design uses 20 per cent less space compared to existing knotters and are able to tie bales of up to 10 per cent higher density without requiring the baler to travel at a lower forward speed.

Alternatively, the knotters can deliver the same bale densities when forward speed increases by up to 70 per cent.

Krone Big Pack HDP II Square Baler Knotters

Krone adds the machine can also be run by only feeding high quality twine to six knotters in case customers do not require the extra 10 per cent density.

A high capacity knotter fan in the baler sends a continuous flow of air to the knotters to ensure they are debris free at all times.

In addition to the new technology, the Big Pack HDP II also features a number of upgraded components such as a heavier flywheel backed up by an intermediate gearbox that increases its speed to 1,180rpm –hence boosting performance and keeping the input power low whilst ensuring quiet running.

The new baler also features the Active Pickup, the crop press roller and the mechanical feed roller as standard. Krone says the pick-up is able to handle extremely wide swaths and short and brittle crops.

The updated Variable Filling System (VFS) has its three packer arms reinforced, and its feeder arm now receives larger cam rolls - a modification that increases the capacity of the feed chamber.

The packer elements themselves have been updated on the Big Pack HDP II baler to feature larger control arms, larger ball bearings and more tines on the feeder arm to improve crop flow and optimise the baler’s stability as well as operational dependability.

All HDP II balers are equipped with a weighing system that is integrated in the bale ramp where it determines the bale weight with an accuracy of down to 2 per cent.

Like all Big Pack models, the HDP II features long-lasting and hard wearing drivelines made up of gearboxes and driveshafts.

The entire driveline and chassis has been upgraded to match the machine’s huge capacities.

Find out more about the new Big Pack HDP II baler on Kubota Australia’s (Krone’s Australian distributor) website.

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