New Vaderstad cultivators allow better trash handling

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Vaderstad’s new Carrier range of cultivators with durable serrated discs and various attachment options for optimum trash handling is now available in the country through the brand’s Australian distributor, Landpower.

New Vaderstad cultivators allow better trash handling
Vaderstad has introduced two new cultivators for optimum trash handling, the Carrier L and XL into the Australian market.

The Carrier L and XL cultivators feature a range of four working widths from 4.25 to 8.25 metres and 51 or 61 cm diameter serrated discs.

Väderstad Product Manager, Kevin Bradley, says the Carrier is a highly versatile machine that can be customised to suit individual requirements.

Customers can opt for interchangeable CrossCutter knives, straw harrows or CrossBoard levelling plates to be fitted on the first row of the cultivators.

"CrossCutter knives are ideal for handling heavy straw directly after harvesting, producing a full cut at a shallow working depth," Bradley says.

"The straw harrows ensure even straw distribution to avoid uneven emergence.

"Alternatively, the CrossBoard plates are ideal for crushing clods and levelling cultivated paddocks."

The second and third rows feature interchangeable 51 or 61 cm serrated discs, each mounted on its own arm for optimal throughput.

"The larger diameter and notched edges are able to handle large amounts of trash and allow deeper working," Bradley says.

"The working angle of the two rows can be adjusted to allow the machine to slice up the entire soil profile, irrespective of working depth."

The maintenance-free rubber suspension improves the longevity of the frame, packer and bearings.

Three packer systems are available for the Carrier range to ensure complete incorporation and the rapid breakdown of trash.

"The 550 mm SteelRunner packer is designed for aggressive clod-breaking in medium and heavy soils, leaving a smooth and well-consolidated surface," Bradley says.

 "The 575 mm Double SoilRunner is a U-profile packer that leaves an open cultivated surface and prevents the packer from clogging, particularly in wet conditions."

The third option is the 600 mm CageRunner, which is a cage packer suitable for lighter or non-sticky soils.

The adjustable hydraulic wing pressure ensures a consistent working pressure along the whole working width.

Carrier L and XL also feature new suspension, transport wheels and a compact 3 m transport width.

"The transport wheels can be lowered in the field to improve manoeuvrability," Bradley says.

"On headlands, the driver can opt to either turn the machine on the packer or on the wheels.

"Alternatively, they can lower the wheels to improve passage in wet areas or for shallower cultivation."

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