VIDEO: Ezy Rollover Crush makes light work of livestock handling

By: Carene Chong, Video by: Andrew Britten

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Kyabram-based business Ezy Rollover Crush claims its new invention will make livestock handling and treating much easier, safer and more cost effective.

The device was recently named the Australian Machine of the Year at the 2014 Elmore Machinery Field Days.

Ezy Rollover Crush director and founder Peter Mulcahy says the idea came about when he realised how difficult and time consuming it is to treat his herd of cattle when a problem occurs.

"We understand how difficult it is to treat cattle with sore feet or with foot issues…it has always been a dangerous job," he says.

Traditionally, farmers need to tie the cow’s legs up and tilt it over for treatment, potentially exposing themselves to the risk of being kicked by the cow.

"We went over to the States to have a look at some of the ones they have over there, picked up a few ideas and came back to design this device," Mulcahy says.

The Ezy Rollover Crush is essentially a box or crush with sturdy fasteners which utilises hydraulics to tilt the box over. Once the cow is on its side and the legs safely strapped to the crush, the farmer can then inspect and treat the cattle without any safety concerns.

"We’re lucky enough to win an award at the field days, which was a bit of a surprise," Mulcahy says.

"The key features of the machine are it’s all self-contained, quite well-made, it’s all fully hydraulic and the cost of it is quite cheap compared to some of the imported ones."

In addition to using the crush to treat cattle with hoof issues, Mulcahy says farmers can also use it for a range of other livestock maintenance tasks such as drying off cows, teat sealing heifers and conducting minor mammary surgeries.

"It eliminates the possibility of the cow kicking you as once you’ve got her in (the crush) and you’ve strapped her down, she’s stabilised as such," Mulcahy says.

"The benefits are the time you save and the safety side of it."

The Ezy Rollover Crush is available in a left or right rolling configuration as well as a mobile option that one can fit on to a trailer for easy transportation.

Find out more on Ezy Rollover Crush’s website.

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