New Amazone tillage combo enables one-pass operation

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Amazone says its new Cirrus line-up, which combines offset discs and drills in one machine allows farmers to cultivate and sow in one pass at operating speeds of up to 18km/h.

New Amazone tillage combo enables one-pass operation
Amazone has designed the new Cirrus 03 series cultivator/seeder to save farmers serious time and costs.

The new Cirrus 03 series features three models suited to various applications and property sizes. 

The Cirrus 3003 Compact features a hopper capacity of 3000 litres and a narrower wheelbase, ideal for use in smaller paddocks.

The folding Cirrus 6003-2 with a 6 metre working width and a 3600 litre hopper is suitable for larger operations while the Cirrus 6003-2C variation comes with a 4000 litre split hopper and a pressurised tank for ‘single shoot’ fertiliser placement in the seed row.

Each model features independently-adjustable disc, coulter and harrow assemblies for maximum flexibility.

According to Amazone product manager Craig Hopkins, the Cirrus 03 range's twin-row compact disc harrow design gives operators the perfect seedbed every time.

Each arm carries two discs suspended via a sprung rubber block to maintain a uniform working length and maintenance-free operation.

"The aggressive angle of the discs distributes and incorporates stubble, while the high clearance prevents blockage from straw or crop residues, even at high operating speeds," Hopkins says.

"The working depth of the disc section can be adjusted from the cabin during operation."

He adds an optional hydraulically-adjustable ‘crushboard’ can be fitted in front of the disc assembly to level the soil if required.

The two-row angular contact ball bearing races are protected by a combination of felt ring and high quality face seals.

"A single oil fill provides lifelong lubrication, eliminating the need of grease nipples," Hopkins adds.

A row of newly developed Matrix 400/75 R17.5 tyres then consolidates the soil for optimal germination, emergence and crop establishment.

"Their 410mm profile is sufficient to accommodate four seed rows at 12.5cm spacing or three seed rows at 16.6cm spacing," Hopkins says.

"The big 880mm diameter and wide profile reduces pulling power."

Alternatively, all models can be equipped with standard AS cross-ply tyres.

Amazone says it has improved its RoTec coulters on the Cirrus 03 models with the addition of a stronger bearing point for improved seed placement at high sowing speeds.

"Depth control is achieved via a depth control wheel with a 2mm, wide contact patch," Hopkins says.

"Up to 55kg pressure can be applied directly to each coulter independently of the harrow pressure."

The furrow is then consolidated via Exact covering harrows or roller harrows.

"The Exact system features 15mm thick individually pivoting elements and is ideal for wet or heavy stubble conditions," Hopkins adds.

"Alternatively, roller harrows are recommended especially for light, dry soils when sowing spring crops or fine seeds."

All three models in the Cirrus 03 range are equipped with full electric metering drive as standard. A range of metering cassettes are available to suit all crops and sowing rates from 1.5 to 400kg/ha.

Operators can opt for sensors to be installed in the seed pipes to monitor seed flow and alert the operator when blockages occur.

All major functions including calibration, working depth and seeding rates are controlled in-cab via Amazone’s Amatron 3 terminal. The system can be equipped with optional GPS-Switch section control, GPS-Track guidance and GPS-Maps variable rate technology.

All models are available with an unbraked axle, dual-circuit air braking or with a hydraulic braking system.

Amazone's Australian distributor, Claas Harvest Centre will officially unveil the new Cirrus 03 disc drills to the public at the upcoming Wimmera Machinery Field Days. 

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