Davimac pioneers tracked chaser bins

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Davimac has become the first Australian manufacturer to design and build a rubber track system for chaser bins sought by grain growers

Davimac pioneers tracked chaser bins
Davimac managing director and owner Shannon Mcnab says the trend towards tracked drive systems in high horsepower tractors led to the development of the new chaser bin

In sync with the major trend towards tracked drive systems in high horsepower tractors and combine harvesters, Davimac’s new tracked bins help reduce compaction on cropping country.

The associated benefits have been widely demonstrated and recognised, chiefly in significantly improved yields.

"With many grain growers having already adopted tracked tractors and combine harvesters to this end, it was only logical to extend the benefits by reducing soil compaction under the high capacity chaser bins used to get the crop out of the paddock," says Davimac owner and managing director Shannon McNab.

McNab adds the benefits of the new bins have been found to be greater than originally expected.

"With Davimac’s tracked chaser bins there is less likelihood of being ‘bogged’ in light sandy country, while also opening a wider harvest window in wet conditions," McNab says.

With a track width of 914mm (36in.) and a ground contact length of more than 3.0 metres, the Davimac tracked bins significantly increase flotation.

It reduces ground pressure and soil compaction while carrying up to 35 tonnes of grain, depending on the model.

"A well designed rubber track system will handle higher loads than comparable wheeled bins," McNab says.

Tracks are supplied optionally at 2.56 or 3.0 metre centres for ready compatibility with popular tramlining and systems farming operations.

Each track is mounted on 4 track end wheels and supported by 8 track mid wheels. A narrower 60cm track option will be released next year.

Track tension is maintained by an inbuilt hydraulic system boasting an easy to check pressure gauge and pressure release system for maintenance.

While dramatically reducing soil compaction under significant loads, the Davimac tracked bins also turn easily without the ‘scrubbing’ experienced with non-steerable wheeled bins on bogie axles.

This further reduces soil impacts while also easing draft loads on the tractor.

In addition, to complement the advantages of its tracked bins, Davimac has introduced a unique Cushion Hitch – another ‘first’ for Australian manufacturers.

The Cushion Hitch reduces shunting and jarring being transferred between the tractor and the bin when travelling over rough terrain.

"This is smoother for the operator while also reducing wear and tear on both tractor and bin," McNab says.

He adds early feedback on the Davimac tracked chaser bins suggests demand will soon challenge supply.

"Recognition of the Davimac innovation has resulted in its nomination as the first entry in the 2015 Henty Machine of the Year Award."

NSW manufacturer Davimac has been in the business for over 30 years and has achieved recognition for some of the best chaser bins and implements in Australian farming.

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