VIDEO: Self-folding paddock roller named Australian Machine of the Year

By: Carene Chong, Video by: Carene Chong

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Victoria based farm equipment manufacturer Farm Pro has snagged the Australian Machine of the Year award at the 2015 Elmore Field Days for its triple paddock roller which requires no hydraulics to run, hence keeping costs down for farmers.

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The award was presented to Farm Pro managing director John Cochrane at an awards ceremony on Wednesday.

According to Cochrane, this is not the first time the company has won an award at Elmore for its products, with Farm Pro also bagging the same award in 2011 for its 24-metre Multi Bin Supa spreader.  

"Winning the award is quite significant for us because it shows us that we’re doing the right thing," he says.

"We’re developing machines that are suitable for Australian farmers in Australian conditions.

"It gives you the exposure that you need for farmers to see and also know that something has an incredible future."

Cochrane says this year’s award-winner, the triple paddock roller was manufactured based on 10 years of development and feedback from farmers.

"The aim of the machine is to try and keep down all the mechanical working parts, keep it simple and also make it more cost effective for farmers," he says.

"It is what we call a controlled traffic management machine. It’s 12m wide and collapses down to less than 4.5m which is a magic number with VicRoads.

"It means you can have no escort or just one escort which helps you save on costs."

The Farm Pro triple paddock roller uses no hydraulics for its trailing and folding functions, which Cochrane adds is another cost saving feature.

"Because it folds and unfolds while you’re driving forward, means you can put it behind a machine and not have to try and back up two or three machines to get it to open and fold," Cochrane explains.

The triple paddock roller features 22.5-inch semi-trailer tyres which lightly compact the soil after sowing, allowing for better germination. Farm Pro says it is ideal for peas, canola and small seeds; as well as for other crops and pastures.

Other key features of the machine include an adjustable heavy-duty drawbar and a hot dip galvanised frame. Operators can also add water to the rollers for extra ballast.

"Because of the large diameter wheels and also the light rolling resistance, you are able to tow it with a small implement, like a small tractor or most farm utes," Cochrane adds.

Watch the video as Cochrane demonstrates how the machine works and explains the benefits it offers.

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