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Properties across the country may have new water saving friend, the Davey TankSense


The TankSense allows the many families who rely on tank water to monitor and track water levels to ensure supply is always available.

TankSense uses real time usage data and current tank level stats to predict how many days of water are left. Through a smartphone app, the TankSense provides alerts when water starts to run low. Another unique feature is it also integrates weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology so tank owners can hold off on ordering water if rain is forecast.

Davey’s Innovation mission leader Chris Knapp says the system was designed in direct response to feedback from tank users, who identified water supply as one of their biggest challenges.

"Even when tanks include a visual gauge to show how much water is left, it can be hard for owners to predict their usage rates, so it’s still hard for them to know when they need to order water, and when they can afford to wait a little longer," he says.

"TankSense learns how you use water so it can offer a more accurate estimate on how long the remaining water will last.

"It gives a lot of peace of mind to tank users and also allows them more control," he adds.

"It’s very frustrating for people when they order a delivery and then have to worry if the water will run out before it arrives, or they get a delivery only for it to bucket down with rain a few days later."

Davey’s Innovation Mission Leader Chris Knapp using the intuitive app to get tank level information
Davey’s Innovation Mission Leader Chris Knapp using the intuitive app to get tank level information

TankSense can be used with above ground steel or poly tanks from 1,000 to 100,000 litre capacity, or 20 metres high, whichever is the greater. It was recently released for sale after 12 months in development, including trials around Australia.

"We launched TankSense at the Irrigation Expo in Sydney in June and the response was excellent, so we knew it was going to be well received, and we’ve had lots of positive feedback since we launched to market in October," Knapp says.

"It’s an ideal product for anyone who relies on rainwater as their primary water source. Not only does it offer great peace of mind, it’s a potential money-saver, because the integrated weather prediction can help people make decisions about when to order water and when to wait."

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