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By: Chris McCullough

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New developments on Valtra’s T, N, S and A series tractors are set to hit Australian shores later this year

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A range of transmission automatics make the A Series HiTech 4 easy-to-use
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Finnish tractor manufacturer Valtra has big plans for the brand in 2019, with new transmissions, new engines and a revised front suspension on the cards.

The biggest news from Finland was that of the new HiTech 4 transmission introduced in two models of the A Series, namely the A104 and the A114, leaving them more ‘versatile and comfortable.’

Powering up the A104 and A114 HiTech 4 models are four-cylinder AGCO Power AWFC engines producing up to 100 horsepower and 110hp respectively. The Stage 4 compliant engines feature only SCR after-treatment technology reducing emissions while keeping service costs to a minimum.

The new 16+16R powershift transmission features four ranges with four powershift steps each. The transmission has been optimised for field and farmyard work with six speeds available in the main work speed range between four and 12 kilometres per hour. A super creeper 32+32R option is further available allowing speeds below 100 metres per hour at 1400 rpm engine speed.

Valtra first introduced the fourth generation Valtra A Series in 2017 and since then it has performed well with farmers who preferred its design and usability. The tractor series was elected Machine of the Year 2017 and won the Red Dot Design award 2018 in the category ‘Commercial Vehicles.’ 

Valtra says the new HiTech 4 models are designed for smooth and effortless operation with minimised use of the clutch pedal. The transmission is operated via rocker switches on the ergonomically placed Control Grip lever.

A range of automatic and pre-programmable functions let the operator focus on the implement and work surroundings while the tractor takes care of the shifting.

Front-loader tasks can now be handled even more precisely thanks to the new electronic controls, featuring a joystick with optional 3rd and 4th function, SoftDrive shock absorber and hydraulic implement locking.

Comfort in the cab is also boosted on the A Series HiTech 4 models to which a mechanical cab suspension with two Panhard rods for increased stability can be fitted as an option.

When customers ask for something, Valtra responds, and the new A Series models can now also be equipped with a front PTO and front linkage available via the Valtra Unlimited studio at the Suolahti factory.

According to Valtra managing director Jari Rautjarvi production and delivery of the new HiTech 4 models has already begun.

"We start the production of the new A Series for Europe and the Middle East. We will then continue to serve our existing markets and later on this year will start production for Asia, Pacific and so on," he says.

A new Valtra instrument panel is on the way
Controlling a Valtra A Series tractor is now even easier thanks to the new instrument panel and the ergonomically placed control grip lever


Also new for 2019, Valtra is introducing the Aires air-suspended front axle option on the Valtra N Series range.

Valtra has been using air suspension on tractors for over 20 years, a feature more commonly found on commercial vehicles. An air-suspended front axle offers a faster response and better shock absorption level particularly in fast axle movements and when the axle load is changing rapidly like in front loader use. This makes operator comfort and traction superior over hydro-pneumatic solutions.

The Aires suspension on the N Series is similar to the well-proven and widely appreciated construction on the Valtra T Series. It features a separate, self-levelling pneumatic suspension with one air bellow as well as two robust shock absorbers.

The suspension system uses compressed air which is sure to work also in cold temperatures. As an added benefit, the tractor’s pneumatic system also allows for the usage of compressed air for other purposes such as trailer braking, cleaning dust off radiators or other daily maintenance tasks.

The advantages of a pneumatic front axle suspension are becoming clearer as the total weight of tractors is increasing with large front implements and front loaders.

Increased tractor speeds and the use of pneumatic brakes to meet increased safety standards of the EU Mother Regulation also support this solution. The new front-axle suspension will become available on the N174 in the European Spring and on the N134 and N154 models in the European Autumn.

The current, second generation hydro-pneumatic suspension option will continue to be available on smaller models of the N Series.

The tractor series was elected Machine of the Year 2017 and won the Red Dot Design award 2018 in the category ‘Commercial Vehicles.’  E
The tractor series was elected Machine of the Year 2017 and won the Red Dot Design award 2018 in the category ‘Commercial Vehicles.’


Valtra also has plans to update the N, T and S Series tractors above 130 kW to Stage 5 emission standards during 2019. At the same time several new features will be introduced that improve operator comfort and reduce the overall cost of ownership of the machine.

Starting this month Valtra T Series and S Series tractors will be produced as Stage 5 compliant versions. Production of Stage 5 compliant N Series tractors will begin in European spring for N174 models and in the autumn for N134 and N154 models.

The new tractor models are powered by LFTN-D5 AGCO Power engines featuring SCR technology. Thanks to hydraulic lash adjustment the new engines not only run more smoothly, but they also require less maintenance.

N and T Series engines continue to be free of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology and on S Series the level of EGR is kept below 15 per cent. This ensures that the engines run reliably and efficiently while reaching the legally required level of emission standards.

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