Flexi-Coil makes return to form

By: Andrew Hobbs

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This Canadian-made precision disc drill is readily able to work in difficult Australian conditions, Flexi-Coil says

Flexi-Coil makes return to form
Flexi-Coil sees a lot of potential for the 6100 Precision Disc Drill in the Australian market


Flexi-Coil has made its return to the disc drill market with a new product it says will help place seeds more quickly and more accurately than its predecessors.

Released onto the market in April after a long period of development, Flexi-Coil’s 6100 Precision Disc Drill marks a return by the company to this specialised segment of the seeder market.

Flexi-Coil 5500 air drill made light work of deep seeding on a SA farm back in 2017. Check out the story here

Company brand leader Steve Mulder told tradefarmmachinery.com.au that the company had been testing the Canada-built product thoroughly to confirm its suitability for Australian conditions.

"We tend to have more abrasive soils than Canada, so we need to understand how it is going to perform and how reliable it is," he says.

"There is always a need for disc drills, it is a niche market and some people see that as the optimal thing for zero-till farming or moisture conservation."

South Australian broadacre grower Ben Marshman is one of those people, buying an 18 metre 6100 Precision Disc Drill after trialling it last year.

Marshman grows durum wheat, faba beans, bread wheat, canola, chickpeas and lentils at his family’s 3,200-hectare operation in the Owen area, in conditions ranging from sandy loam to black cracking clay and sees annual rainfall from 420mm to 550mm.

"The 6100 performed really well in both wet and dry soils. We sow wheat on wheat, and I was impressed by the way the 6100 cut through the stubble," he says.

"We grow a range of crops and dry sow a lot of canola and beans, so I was pleased with the 6100’s simple design and fast adjustments, which means we can easily adjust row width and seed depth for different crops."

The disc drill comes with forward-facing seed tubes that slow the seed down and help ensure it stays in the row to seed depths of 89mm, while a parallel-link system ensures even depth placement no matter the terrain.

Its concave packer wheel was designed specifically for covering seeding rows in rugged terrain, helping to avoid soil drift no matter the conditions.

The toolbar on 6100 models is available in widths of 9.1m, 12.2m, 15.2m and 18.3m in tow behind or tow between options, and with row spacing options of either 190mm or 254mm – welded on mounts within the unit.

Depending on the width and spacing options selected, the seeder can weigh between 7,900kg-18,924kg and requires between 145 horsepower-365hp to pull.

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