Customising your Joskin slurry tank

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Looking to customise your Joskin slurry tanker? We know just the person for the job

Colac Agricultural Company can customise the Europe-made Joskin range of slurry tankers to your needs
There are nine models to customise, ranging in size from 2,500 to 28,000 litres

While it is not the most pleasant job to have on a farm, nothing should be left to chance when spreading slurry to improve your pasture.

If wrongly spread, slurry can release high quantities of ammonia which, in turn, can damage nitrogen and mineral levels in a paddock that can cost a significant amount of money to fix.

This is why Joskin’s dedicated research and development team have created precision technology designed to lay slurry as close to its target as possible to create a more precise and efficient fertilisation process.

In the slurry tanker range alone there is the option of nine models to customise, ranging in size from 2,500 to 28,000 litres.

Its multi-functional Volumetra model ranges in capacity from 10,500l-26,000l with a self-supporting tubular structure integrated into the chassis, ensuring a very low centre of gravity and making them very ease to manoeuvre machine, even with very wide tyres.

The range also comes with five different pump types that can be customised to suit you, as well as a range of booms including the Pendislide Basic – a line spreading boom that can measure up to 7.5m, and the Penditwist, which can measure up to 18m wide with as many as 72 outlets.

You can then select your running gears, braking system, tyres and axles. Then choose from the extensive range of precision spreading injectors or booms – from normal spray nozzles, dribble bar booms or tillage units that incorporate the slurry.

You may even want to invest in the company’s NIR technology, which uses an infra-red lens to deliver real-time analysis of the total nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and ammoniacal nitrogen in the slurry as it is spread, meaning you can spread slurry by units of nitrogen per hectare, as opposed to cubic metres  per hectare.

The options are endless.

Joskin aim to deliver high-tech performances with a maximum of simplicity across its range, which also includes tipping and dump trailers, grain and silage trailers and muck spreaders.

All these products, manufactured across the company’s five production sites in Belgium, France and Poland, are available in Australia through Colac Ag, which took over imports in 2017. 

Phone Colac Ag 03 5231 6999 to find your local dealer and more information. 

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