Titan Australia's low side wall tyres 'offer better stability and reduced soil compaction'

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Now available nationwide, Titan Australia says its range of low side wall tyres offer broadacre farmers better stability and reduced soil compaction

Titan says the low side wall tyres help reduce road lope and soil compaction
Titan says the low side wall tyres help reduce road lope and soil compaction

Titan Australia says its new tyre design can reduce both soil compaction and road lope – the swaying and bouncing of a machine during road transport.

The company, which sells tyres under the Titan and Goodyear Farm brands, introduced its range of low side wall (LSW) tyres to the Australian market last year.

Available in a variety of sizes, the LSW tyre design has a larger rim diameter and smaller tyre sidewall than a regular tyre – while the outside diameter and weight load capacity remains the same.   

Titan says this allows the tyres to run at about 40 per cent less inflation pressure than standard tyres, minimising soil compaction, while the smaller side wall reduces the recoil and bouncing that results in road lope and power hop. 

Titan tyre specialist Scott Sloan told a gathering at the Tractor and Machinery Association last year that increased flexion (IF) and very high flexion (VF) tyres were only effective if maintained at the right pressure. 

"That end user has to maintain those inflation pressures to get the full advantage out of that," he says. "With the LSW technology, these guys are able to run higher road speeds more consistently, more comfortably and actually safer," he adds. 

In addition, the lower tyre pressure would lead to less soil compaction in the field than through narrow dual tyres, he says, saying the tyres spread the weight out over a larger footprint.  

"[With the dual] you're increasing your footprint, you’re planting into the row, you're driving into the into the tire track – but we're spreading that out so much that it really doesn't have a lot of effect on the on the on the emergence of the plant," he says.  "With LSW tyres you gain all the advantages of toughness from the tire to beat or be equal to the performance of the track machine." 

Titan Australia can install the equipment needed to make such a change at its facilities in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. 

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