Vaderstad announce Tempo L32 - the largest Tempo planter yet

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Väderstad's encore to its world record-breaking Tempo L planter will be available to Australian farmers from June this year.

The new Väderstad Tempo L 32 is equipped with 32 row units and a 3,000-litre seed hopper

The Tempo L32 will be available for purchase later this year and already has many intrigued given it will be the largest Tempo planter produced by Väderstad to date.

Spanning 12 metres, the Tempo L32 will include 32 seeding units which are set on 375mm (15 inch) spacings, optimised for planting a variety of winter and summer crops including cereals and canola.

The Tempo name already has a sizeable reputation in the planting sector given the sustained success of the Tempo L model.

Since debuting back in 2017, the Tempo L made an immediate impact within the industry, most notably when it made headlines by setting a planting world record in Hungary.

The record saw the Tempo L plant 502 hectares of maize in just 24 hours, a feat it achieved at a speed of 20km/h.

Claas Harvest Centre Product Manager – Väderstad, Murrary Tuck says the Tempo L name is revered in the industry and hopes the Tempo L32 can only enhance that reputation even further.

"Tempo is already famous for its ability to achieve outstanding precision at very high operating speeds," Tuck says.

"The record was impressive, not just in terms of its scale and speed, but also its accuracy. University researchers identified just 16 skips and 24 doubles in a sample of 6800 plants conducted two months after planting.

"The new L32 model maintains this accuracy but significantly increases its capacity to 12 metres. The other thing to remember is that Tempo plants by individual seed, which can significantly reduce sowing rates whilst maintaining excellent emergence."

The Tempo L32 has been altered to allow every second row of the machine to hydraulically raise and disengage, a measure which according to Murray, ‘effectively doubles the row spacing’.

"This feature means producers can easily switch from planting canola or soybeans on a 375mm row spacing to say, planting maize on a 750mm row spacing," Murray says.

The Tempo L32 features a 3000-litre onboard seed hopper which is designed to be used with a trailed air cart such as the Seed Hawk 660.

It will be available in a range of mounted and trailed models, which range from 3-12m with adjustable row spacing and fertiliser options to cater for varying planting requirements.

All models will include Väderstad's new and patented PowerShoot technology, which controls the delivery of the seed through the entire journey until it reaches its place in the soil; minimising the impacts of gravity, vibrations and slopes.

Other additions to the Tempo L32 include the adjustability of the closing wheels to provide a good closing of the seed trench at shallow depths along with the addition of optional hydraulic weight transfer and floating row cleaning systems.

Each row cleaner has been mounted on a parallel linkage system to precisely follow the field surface; better catering for differing field conditions says Murray.

"The ability to increase or reduce pressure row units enables the operator to precisely adjust the machine to field conditions, thereby ensuring an even seed depth and uniform crop emergence," Murray adds.

"Likewise, the floating row cleaner adapts to suit field conditions. The row cleaner is fitted with a self-cleaning rubber wheel, controlling the depth setting of the high-quality spiked row cleaner disc.

"With optimised working angles, the floating row cleaners are designed to perfectly match the speed and precision of the Tempo planter."

The rollout of the Tempo L32 follows another milestone for Väderstad, which produced the thousandth unit of the Tempo L model last week.

Väderstad Tempo L production leader Andreas Karlsson says the milestone highlights the esteem in which the Tempo name is held in across the industry.

"For me and my team, it feels exciting and it comes with great pride to build a machine so popular," Karlsson says.

"The whole Tempo family of high precision planters continues to be an incredible success, giving farmers all over the world the possibility for outstanding emergence and the best overall economy."

The new Tempo 32 will be available in Australia and New Zealand in June and can be purchased from the Claas Harvest Centre.


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