Fendt announces 2022 combine harvester upgrades

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Optional lane guidance systems and straw distribution are among the updates made by Agco to Fendt’s 2022 line-up of Ideal combine harvesters.

Fendt's updated range of combine harvesters will be available in Australia at somepoint in 2022, Agco Australia says

The improvements for Fendt’s Ideal models as well as new features for Fendt’s straw walker combine harvesters were announced this week for Agco’s European markets and will be available in Australia sometime in 2022.

Upgrades to Fendt’s Ideal 2022 model of combine harvesters mean the machine will be able to work to an accuracy of 2cm using its lane guidance system in conjunction with the RTK correction signal.

Currently, Fendt Ideal harvesters have included the VarioGuide tracking system and a NovAtel or Trimble receiver as standard on the harvesters, however the latest RTK signal is available as an optional extra.

With lane guidance system with the RTK correction signal, entire fleets are able to work in the field by consistently following set tracks and avoiding any offsetting to increase efficiency. Controlled traffic farming is also possible to VarioGuide with RTK.

Both Ideal 7 and Ideal 8 models have been equipped with a new, narrower range of tyres available to make travelling on narrow roads easier. The new range of tyres mean both models reach a width of less than 3.3 metres with maximum contact area.


Upgrades to the Fendt Ideal 9 have also been made, with the cleaning system reworked to boost the machine’s overall performance. With the new system, grain drops down to the top sieve through two curved double drop steps, which, given the curved shape of the steps, means heavy grains gather in the lower section while lighter parts accumulate above.

The curved steps also mean the Ideal 9 has a wider air outlet which allows the cleaning proves to be even more efficient given the increases to the air volume.

"With two drop levels, most of the short straw and chaff is separated on the first level," Fendt says.

"The remaining non-grain components are separated on the second. The cleaning system works over four sections, two return floors ensure even distribution and coverage across the preparation floor."

Fendt’s ActiveSpread SwingFlow straw distributor – an optional spreading option - has also been designed for tough harvesting conditions and achieves even more distribution in humid harvest conditions.

The new 5-straw walker C series is able to compensate for terrains of up to 38 degrees

Fendt’s 2022 range of straw walker combine harvesters, including E, L and C series models, have been tweaked to meet Stage V European emissions standards.

Fendt’s unique horizontal levelling feature, which was first introduced in 2020 on the new 5-straw walker C series, is also available and can compensate for slopes of up to 38 degrees.

Both the Ideal and the C and L series straw walker combine harvesters can also now be equipped with Fendt Connect telemetry system, a software package that aids farmers in managing their fleet remotely. It comes standard on all Ideal models and is optional for C and L series straw walker models.

Fendt Connect can be viewed on computers or smart devices where operators and dealers can view and analyse machine data such as machine position and CAN bus data such as engine speed, fuel and machine speed. Fendt says customers always retain ownership of their own machine’s data.

Customers of Ideal harvesters can also view harvest data, including yield and moisture, using the system.

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