First John Deere X Series combine harvesters arrive in Australia

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John Deere has confirmed the arrival of the first X Series combine harvesters in Australia this month.

The John Deere X Series joins the tried and tested S Series to offer the most comprehensive and powerful range of harvest solutions available on the market

The X Series machines have been highly anticipated since it was announced back in January that the models would soon arrive, and now, three demonstration models are headed for paddocks around the country. 

John Deere says the X Series is a comprehensive and powerful harvesting solution, and is the successor to its popular S Series of harvesters. 

"Growers are expecting the X Series to be the next iteration of our proven S Series in terms of performance, but this machine will deliver a significant step-up in harvest capacity," John Deere Australia and New Zealand production systems manager Ben Kelly says.

"The demonstration units which recently arrived are an opportunity for customers to see firsthand the machines in action in Australia and understand what it means for their business."

Among the features of the X Series is a new dual separator with a wide feeder house which  provides growers with the largest threshing and separation capacity John Deere has ever offered. 

A seven square metre Dyno-Flo XL Cleaning Shoe also delivers 36 per cent more cleaning area than the largest S Series model - the S790.

Deere says the smallest X Series model combine, the X9 1000, is able to do this with only one per cent more horsepower than the S790. 

"For some operators, the S Series will remain the perfect, high-performing workhorse, and it may be that buying additional S Series machines will make the most sense for the unique needs and operating conditions of their business," Kelly says.

"However, the X Series delivers a size and capability which we haven’t offered here before, and we are extremely excited to see it in Australian paddocks this season.

"What makes this harvest capacity even more impressive is that it is achieved with higher fuel efficiency thanks to our award-winning drivetrain design – and with minimal grain lost which means more money in growers’ pockets."


John Deere Australia New Zealand Production Systems Manager, Ben Kelly

Deere says the X Series will provide grain growers with whole-farm solutions come harvest time, offering solutions to get high-yielding crops off in tough threshing environments.  The X Series models does this by allowing growers extra harvesting times in the morning and night, even when straw is damp or when moisture levels increase. 

The X Series connects to the cloud-based John Deere operation centre where growers can share machine data or operational information with trusted partners. 

Also available with the X Series is Deere's Combine Advisor suite of technologies, currently available on the S Series, which uses ActiveVision camera technology to automatically shift the combine harvester’s settings as harvesting conditions change to improve productivity. 

John Deere has also announced the availability of four new next-gen platforms on both the X and S Series harvesters, including the Hinged Draper series, Rigid Draper series, the Belt Pickup and Corn Heads.

The new platforms include the widest ever front at 15.2m, to support higher harvesting capacity so growers can cover more area while minimising grain loss across several different crops and conditions. 


"The star of these platforms is the Hinged Draper with Rigid Cutterbar (HDR). For customers who need to harvest in a variety of terrain, the industry-leading HDR platform offers the versatility to harvest as a rigid off-ground platform or an on-ground terrain-following platform," Kelly says.

Grain saver draper belts are optional on the X Series, but help growers reduce canola cutterbar loss by up to 25 per cent in comparison to traditional draper belts. 

The two models of the X Series – the X9 1000 and X9 1100 – are available on either wheels or tracks. The X9 1000 grain tank can hold up to 14,800L, while the X9 1100 holds up to 16,200L – five per cent and 15 per cent more than the S790 respectively.

Folding unloading augers with adjustable spout are available for the X Series in 7.9m, 8.7m or 9.4m lengths.

Orders are now open for growers to secure John Deere harvesting machinery for the 2022-23 harvest.

X Series Combine Harvesters are available on wheels or tracks with Control Traffic Farming configurations.

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