New Amazone tech adjusts for wind

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Amazone has unveiled new spreader technology which automatically compensates for wind on the real-time spreading pattern.

Amazone's WindControl system automatically adjusts spreading patterns to counter the wind

The new system, WindControl, automatically monitors and adjusts spreading patterns to minimise the impact of wind when spreading by using high-frequency wind sensors to record wind speed and direction.

Wind and ground speed data is then calibrated via a computer to calculate new spreader settings which adjust the position automatically for consistent spreading in the field.

The new technology is available on Amazone’s range of ZA-TS mounted and ZG-TS trailed twin disc centrifugal spreaders.

Amazone product specialise at the Class Harvest Centre, Joshua Patrick, says the extent to which wind can alter the distribution of fertiliser is significant.

"Headwinds or tailwinds can stretch or compress the spreading pattern, while crosswinds can shift the pattern laterally," Patrick says.

"These changes can result in significant differences in application rates within the same timeframe and from one tramline to the next.

"WindControl is a fully automatic system that effectively neutralises the effects of wind upon your fertiliser spreading operations, helping you to make the most of your application window."

WindControl is a sensor which is mounter on the spreader and extends above the tractor's cab

WindControl is a wind sensor mounted on the spreader and automatically extends when the spreading discs are actuated, protruding above the tractor’s cab to avoid any turbulence generated by the tractor.

"If there is a crosswind, the disc speed on the side facing the wind increases and the delivery system is rotated outwards," he says.

"At the same time, the speed of the downwind side is reduced, and the delivery system rotated inwards. This automatically counteracts the wind effect and ensured accurate distribution."

Once finished and spreading discs are switched off, the mast retracts to its protected position to between the tractor and the spreader. The system also uses a ‘traffic light’ colour system to advise operators when the system is able to compensate for the wind.

"If the wind is too strong or gusty, the system will issue a warning that the limit of control has been reached," Patrick says.

WindControl was designed to complement Amazone’s other spreading technology including ArgusTwin system – a 14 radar sensory system which monitors spread patterns of both the left and right discs.

WindControl uses a traffic light colour system to indicate to operators if it is able to compensate for wind

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