Tested: Taege 6m cultivator

By: Jaiden Drought

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Taege’s latest 6m cultivator, aims to woo farmers with its robust design; a combination of features from previous seed drill models and several clever concepts of its own, Jaiden Drought reports.

Tested: Taege 6m cultivator
Taege 6m cultivator - simple yet robust and effective

Taege Engineering has been enjoying a strong period of sales success with its seed drills for a number of good reasons.

They are very hard-wearing, basic, built like the proverbial outhouse and ‘cheap’ given the features included as standard.

The new Taege 6m cultivator is a case in point. It takes the best bits from earlier model seeds drills, including the heavy-duty ‘S’ tine mounted on the angle, and tweaks a few features in order to create a very effective cultivation machine.

One of the new cultivator’s key design features is tilted tines, which allow the ability to bite in with no down-force applied. This is achieved by tilting the box section forward where the tine is mounted from.

This does two things — firstly, it penetrates into the soil as the spring tine has no other option but to move downwards, and secondly, because the tip is on an angle, it shatters the ground to create a nice fluffy seed bed.

The new cultivator also boasts contour following.

Utilising the flexibility provided by the tilting of the ‘S’ tine approximately 200mm of travel occurs from one tine to the next.

Hydraulically controlled lifting on all four wheels gives you easy depth control with the ram spacers.

The ram spacers have also been manufactured (despite the different size tyres) so the same number of shims can be added or taken away which makes life simple.

The wing rams are slot mounted to allow for increased contour following again without the need for hydraulic down pressure which would evidently make the machine rigid.

When raising and lowering the machine a boomerang type device has been engineered to take up the give in the slot so the wings aren’t slamming against the end of the ram which reduces overall stress on the machine.

Arguably the most important for a machine like this, the new Taege cultivator has trash clearance.

Often these machines are used either straight into old sprayed-out pasture where sod build-up can be an issue or re-cultivating ground after crops, in which case crop build-up can be a nightmare for any machine no matter how expensive it is.

This machine allows the trash to flow through smoothly again, tied into the angle and flexibility of the tine. As the tines work their way through the ground they create a shaking effect, like a fish swimming.

 As all 49 tines on the 6m version are wiggling their way through the ground, any trash that is built-up is vibrated off and makes its way out the back and through the tine harrows.

For transport the wings of the cultivator fold up to give a very comfortable 2.8m width, which means no flags and hazard panels, and additionally the outside contour wheels can be folded up to help keep the weight of the wings towards the centre, rather than trying to flop out.

The machine is fitted with an adjustable front drawbar for easy levelling on any tractor, which also has a grate, not only adding strength but very little overall weight and makes for a good place for storing a chain and a few bits and bobs within full view of the driver.  

From a bird’s eye view, the tine harrows look like the tread on a tractor tyre where they are facing the opposite direction to each other.

This feature creates more of a grading motion rather than aggressive scuffing, which the tines have already achieved.

The major benefit of the mounted system is that the tine harrows lift when the machine is lifted, allowing the cultivator to be backed into corners and around water troughs, power poles etc.

A tyre roller provides the advantage of kneading the soil, creating a tighter seed bed for the drill to follow with.

The Taege tyre roller has a bogey axle setup with offset spacing so you don’t get a bow wave effect from a single-beam standard tyre roller.

Because the roller is made from car tyres and with the bogey axle for suspension, it travels along the road at very well high speed.

Also, as it has been designed with the cultivator in mind, the turning circle for a 6m cultivator, tine harrow and roller is very impressive.

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