REVIEW: Amazone Cayena 6001-C tine seeder

By: Tom Dickson, Photography by: Tom Dickson

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In 1851 gold was discovered in the alluvial soils around Ballan; 163 years later, Tom Dickson unearths a new gem — the Cayena 6001-C tine seeder.

With a 6m working width and weighing in at 6,100kg, the 36 tine folding Cayena 6001-C is the newest airseeder model from German-based agricultural machinery manufacturer, Amazone.

It has been working in Europe during the past 12 months and is now available in Australia for the 2014 sowing season.

I sought help and advice from Ballan farmer and contractor Andrew Wells for this review.

Wells has worked in a family partnership with his father Geoff for the past 10 years and simultaneously operated an agricultural contracting business, focusing mainly on hay and silage production, pasture renovation and sowing, Ballan Ag, in the central highlands region.




The machine

Calibration and setup

Hopper and Tines

Cover harrow and roller








Amazone -Cayena -6001C-airseeder

Wells says he and his dad purchased the Amazone Cayena tine seeder in March this year to replace their ageing drills with the aim of increasing sowing output.

"So far we’ve been really rapt with its performance in all sowing conditions," he says.

Regional sales support for Amazone distributor Landpower, is provided by Adam Hayward. He joins me and Wells for the trial to supply expert advice and technical information.

Prior to the test, Wells has already filled the Cayena seeder with seed and fertiliser. He filled the Cayena straight out of a silo with an auger or, as he says, another option would be to use a telehandler or front end loader.

Hayward advises Amazone plan to fit future models with a self-filling auger.

The only option Wells has added to his machine is front cutting discs ideal for cutting and dividing straw and preventing stubble build up ahead of the tines. By creating a cut in the ground ahead of the tine, the amount of soil disturbance and shattering is reduced.

Other options available include tramline markers, rear harrows, front guide wheels and wheel mark eradicators.

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The process of calibrating the machine is an absolute breeze. 

Firstly and most importantly the correct metering cassette has to be installed. The Cayena comes standard with three different size cassettes to cater for most seed sizes and types.

The smallest is 20 ccm and is ideal for rape, turnips and lucerne. Also included is a 210 ccm and 600 ccm cassette more suited to cereal grains. An optional 120 ccm one for maize and sunflower and 700 ccm for peas and beans is also available.

To calibrate the seeder, Wells opens a flap under the metering cassette und places a tub underneath to catch the seed. He then enters the required rate into the Amatron 3 controller and finally presses the calibration button.

The seed dispensed into the tub is then weighed and this amount is entered into the Amatron 3, which automatically sets the rotational speed of the metering cassette to achieve the desired rate. Rates can now be adjusted up or down on the go via the Amatron 3.

A radar is mounted on the machine to continually monitor speed and send info to the metering device to maintain correct sowing rate at all times.

Combining the five minutes of greasing with about 10 minutes of calibration time puts us in the paddock and working within a very respectable 15 minutes.

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Tines _Amazone -Cayena -6001C-airseeder Preview

Well’s Cayena 6001-C is a 4,000-litre capacity twin bin unit, with sealed pressurised lid, with a 60/40 split. Each bin has its own individual fully electric metering device for applying two products at the same time.

If required, both bins could be filled with the same product, either seed or fertilizer, giving the machine the ability to sow at higher than normal rates.

Before we start sowing Landpower rep Hayward  draws my attention to TineTeC coulters, stressing they are key to the economical operation of the drill.

"The TineTeC coulters have a very thin profile so can cut into even the hardest of soils easily," he says.

"The thin profile tine also reduces drag and so a lower horsepower tractor can be used to pull the drill."

Wells runs a 170hp (126kW) 6170M John Deere with the Amazone Cayena which he says is necessary for the steep terrains and heavy soils.

Each tine is individually mounted on the frame using elastic rubber sprung elements.

On one occasion Wells says it allowed full breakaway of the tine when he hooked on to a large stone. By loosening the mount he was able to swing the tine back into the correct position then retighten.

Wells adds the rubbers have been vibrating out of their correct position within the mount requiring constant repositioning and has been advised there are two different sized rubbers used.

Maybe the wrong ones were installed during assembly? Apparently, representatives from Amazone are investigating with the aim of rectifying the problem.

The 36 tines sow at 16.5cm row spacing so on each of the three sowing lines the tines are nearly 50cm apart allowing for stubble and stones to pass through easily.

The rubber suspension visibly allows the tine to shudder and jiggle trash through, while at the same time maintain really good downward pressure.

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Rolloer 1_Amazone -Cayena -6001C-tine Seeder

Behind the final row of sowing tines is a line of covering harrows. Each individually suspended harrow runs directly over each sowing line. It travels flat on the ground at about a 30 degree angle swooping dirt over the sowing furrow like a grader blade.

Another key to creating the perfect environment for the seed to germinate and thrive is the wedge ring roller. Like the harrow, each wedge on the roller follows exactly along the sowing line.

Compressing the soil around the seed will improve initial germination and greatly increase moisture retention around the growing seedling.

Scrapers on the roller prevent soil build up. Two of the 12 individual ring rollers act as rear transport wheels and are activated via a hydraulic ram. When in the working position the drawbar of the Cayena is hitched to the lower links of the tractor and the wedge ring roller acts as a depth control at the rear.

Wells points out a turn buckle mounted on each side of the tine bar which can be easily adjusted to change the sowing depth of the drill.

Everything so far indicates the Amazone Cayena is a very capable, easy to operate machine.

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Monitor _Amazone -Cayena -6001C-tine Seeder

I found the Cayena 6001-C a very unintimidating machine to operate and I suggest this can be attributed to the Amatron 3 operator terminal.

It requires minimal input from the operator to take control of many complex functions. It automatically makes adjustments to match speed variations, calibrates the machine quickly and easily, automatically shuts off flow when tines are raised.

Wells says he programs the monitor to shut off two shutes on his 6m drill every four runs which creates the tram tracks for his 24m boom spray.

He says as he is getting more familiar with the monitor he is finding more capabilities and memory storage available at his fingertips.

"It also activates an alarm to alert me when seed or super is running low in the bin," he says.

The Amatron 3 controller also makes periodical blockage checks easy.

With the machine stopped Wells can activate the seed metering device from within the cab for a couple of seconds while the fan continues to run, then check there is seed and super at the base of each tine. It’s a simple process that gives good peace of mind.

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1172_Amazone -Cayena -6001C-tine Seeder With John Deere

Once you have it calibrated you could throw even inexperienced operators in the driving seat without too much worry.

Wells’ John Deere 6170M tractor has auto steer which ensures perfect lines, and when lifted for turns, the Cayena shuts off sowing then reengages when lowered after the turn is completed.

After performing a couple of turns it quickly becomes apparent the Cayena 6001-C has a really good throning circle, which allowed us to sow close to the fence, complete the turn and resume sowing without the risk of hitting the rear wheels of the tractor with the draw bar.

Wells has the fan speed set at about 3,600rpm but it can be easily adjusted using the hydraulics on the tractor. It is suggested 3,500rpm be a minimum for fan speed.

To convert the Cayena 6001-C into transport position we don’t have to leave the cab Wells raises the front of the machine by lifting the tractor linkage and raises the rear by lowering the two transport rear ring rollers. Once each wing is fully raised via the tractors hydraulics, a safety locking pin snaps into place.

Returning the seeder to working position requires manually unlatching the locking pin then reversing the steps from within the cab.

Contractors will be interested to know the drill travels quite comfortably up the road at about 35km/h to 40km/h and on good roads could do even better.

To increase the safety of the Cayena 6001-C, Amazone has incorporated a hydraulic braking system fully equipped with safety lighting. Once the machine is folded it has a transport width of 3m so it can fit through most farm gates and doesn’t require any escort vehicles.

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Overall, I am very impressed with the Cayena 6001-C. It appears strong and robust and requires very little maintenance, getting on with the job it’s designed for with minimum preparation.

Most of all I feel it is simple to operate and has a monitor which does not intimidate, so even inexperienced drivers could competently take charge.

The recommended retail price of $121,300 may deter some but if you are farming on a broad scale or a contractor I think it is well worth a look.

AMAZONE CAYENA 6001-C HITS                                               

  • Simple and fast calibration
  • Compact and manoeuvrable
  • Easy to operate monitor
  • Thin profile tine reduces drag and soil disturbance
  • Operates well in all soil conditions
  • Folds to under 3m


  • Elastic rubber suspension slippage

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Working width: 6m

Transport width: 3m

Coulters: TineTeC

Row spacing: 16.6cm

Number of sowing tines: 36

Hopper capacity: 4,000 litres

Hopper split: 60/40

Operational speed: 8km/h to 15km/h

Power requirement: 100kW/136hp

Hydraulic valves required: Two double acting plus one single acting plus pressure-                                      free return flow

Weight: 6,100kg

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1172 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder with John Deere A 170hp John Deere has no trouble pulling the 6m airseeder. 1172 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder with John Deere
1167 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder coulters The optional front disc coulters cut through heavy stubble residue and create a groove for the following tine. 1167 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder coulters
1168 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder elastic rubber sprung mounting Elastic rubber sprung mounting allows three dimensional movement of the tines and under extreme circumstances full breakout. 1168 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder elastic rubber sprung mounting
folded Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder folded Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder
monitor Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder Control of all the important functions on the Cayena is carried out via the Amatron 3 in-cab terminal. monitor Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder
roller change Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder The metering cassettes, located on the front left-hand side, can be quickly changed for varying seed types. roller change Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder
rolloer1 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder Ballan farmer Andrew Wells (left) going through the machine with NFM's Tom Dickson rolloer1 Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder
tines Amazone Cayena 6001C airseeder preview Narrow profile tines create minimal drag and reduce soil disturbance. tines Amazone Cayena 6001C airseeder preview
hopper bin Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder The full length lid allows full access to the 4,000 litre 60/40 split bin. hopper bin Amazone Cayena 6001C tine seeder

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