REVIEW: Kioti CS2610 tractor

By: Mark Fouhy, Photography by: Mark Fouhy

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Kioti CS2610 2 Modern styling, like the bigger tractors of the Kioti range. Kioti CS2610 2
Kioti CS2610 3 The CS2610 racing through lawn duties. Kioti CS2610 3
Kioti CS2610 4 Industrial tyres come standard and are good for digging or on concrete, but fine on turf also. Kioti CS2610 4
Kioti CS2610 5 Simple, well-laid-out, comfortable Kioti operator platform. Kioti CS2610 5
Kioti CS2610 6 East service access points, radiator/dipstick. Kioti CS2610 6
Kioti CS2610 7 Bonus of the package - a handy 4-in-1 bucket. Kioti CS2610 7
Kioti CS2610 8 Cat I rear linkage to take care of a range of tasks. Kioti CS2610 8
Kioti CS2610 0 With the industrial tyres and mechanical four-wheel drive and rear diff-lock, the Kioti CS2610 mkaes a great little loader tractor. Kioti CS2610 0

NFM’s New Zealand tester Mark Fouhy took a trip to Eureka this month to test Kioti’s smallest tractor, the CS2610 with a mower, and had a ‘eureka!’ moment of his own.

Honestly speaking, mowing the lawns is one of my least favourite chores. However, after spending some time this month destroying a backyard with the smallest of the Kioti range of tractors, the CS2610, my views may have changed a little.

The Korean Kioti range is imported and distributed in the country by Power Farming.

North Island Tractor Sales Manager Alistair Horrocks provided a new Kioti CS2610 fitted with front end loader and 60-inch mid-mounted mower deck, a Swiss army knife-type machine for the lifestyle block owner.

Otherwise, it works as a handy addition for some of the smaller jobs on bigger farming operations.

To test the hardy little Kioti, I headed to Eureka, home of Power Farming Tractor Training Manager Mark Daniel.

After a chat with Horrocks to get the lowdown on the Kioti, I was set loose to manicure the back orchard and blitz up a cocktail of feijoas, lemons, and grapefruit.



The tractor


Hydraulics and PTO

Comfort and Controls








Kioti _CS2610_2

The mower deck installed on the Kioti CS2610 is made for some serious cutting, with steel that appear to be twice the thickness of your average lawn tractor. It also has replaceable wear plates on the front for years of mowing.

Power Farming is importing all the CS2610 models fitted with industrial tyres, which I think is a good compromise. The industrial tyres did a tidy job while on lawn duties, and proved to be rather beneficial for loader work and digging applications.

Industrial tyres do have a flat profile which is designed for use on hard surfaces, so extra care is required when operating on wet, uneven terrain.

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Kioti has fitted a three-cylinder Shibaura 26hp diesel to the CS2610, providing 19.4kW of power at 3000rpm. The main job of the engine on this machine is to power the 24.6-litre-per-minute hydraulic gear pump, which will drive the two-speed hydrostatic transmission, rear linkage, and loader functions.

The little diesel engine is an economic option as it’s fairly frugal on fuel, with a 25-litre tank you won’t be filling up after two hours’ work.

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Kioti _CS2610_8

With a hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic flow rate is important. Luckily the Kioti scores well in this area, with almost 25 litres per minute which is ample enough for power steering, drive, loader work and enough to run the wood splitter if need be.

Lift capacity on the Cat I linkage is rated at a hefty 318kg.

The Kioti is equipped with two independent PTOs, one 2200rpm mid-mounted to operate the mower deck, and another 540rpm at the rear for those who would rather a rear-mounted mower setup or for the use of a small rotary hoe type implement.

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Kioti _CS2610_5

Controls are well laid out, with an almost flat operator platform.

Lights, horn, and indicator controls sits on one unit on the left of the steering wheel while the hand throttle is situated on the right.

The illuminated dash shows enough information such as fuel, temperature and rpm.

The adjustable seat, loader controls, and twin forward/reverse pedals together offer a comfortable driving position for the operator.

One feature I think could be improved was the park brake which I found hard to tell whether it was on or off. A simple dash light might solve the problem quite nicely.   

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Kioti _CS2610_3

Given the dampness of both the grass and the ground, I thought it best not to look behind me after I mowed the ground. However, when I did, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mowing job done with the three-blade, 60-inch deck.

A good thing about this machine is the operator can manipulate the deck independently of the rear linkage. Deck height adjustment is found on the left-hand guard and is easily locked or changed to different heights.

A possible improvement that I can see is the addition of castor wheels on the front of the deck, which moves the most when locking around tight corners to prevent it from skidding over the ground.

Given the dampness of the ground and tight corners I was mowing through, the little Kioti made very little mess with industrial tyres fitted. Being fitted with a loader I certainly see no real advantage in fitting turf tyres.

After completing the lawn service, we removed the cutting deck which is easily enough done but would be much faster the second time around once you know what you are doing.


Kioti _CS2610_0

With the mowing deck removed there was a soil mountain waiting.

Some of the big tractor features of the Kioti are built into the front end loader package. With stands incorporated into the frame with quick-release hydraulic couplers, removing the loader is quick and simple.

With the four-in-one bucket included as part of this package, I made use of the third service valve on the loader. With the four-in-one bucket you can grade with the back of the bucket instead of wearing the cutting tip down or use it to pull posts (within reason).

The low range of the two-speed hydrostatic transmission works best for digging work.

With the industrial tyres and mechanical four-wheel drive and rear diff-lock, it is a handy little loader tractor — not a 10-tonne excavator, but certainly better than a spade and shovel. 

While destroying tree stumps, I certainly didn’t feel like the Kioti was going to break in two, although, with ample hydraulic power, a rear counterweight could be quite beneficial.

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Like all other machines on the market, the Kioti has a number of safety features as standard. For example if you leave the seat while the tractor is in gear, the PTO will automatically shut down.

The folding ROPS on the tractor not only protects the operator in case of a rollover, it also allows access and manoeuvrability in spaces with low head room.

Another important factor worth pointing out is its stability. With a wheelbase of 1400mm and a width of 1181mm, the tractor is pretty stable as a stand-alone machine.

However, any implements added will alter this to some degree. For example, a bucket full of dirt will add quite a few kilos forward of the front axle, immediately altering the balance of the machine.

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Kioti _CS2610_6

It’s good to see Kioti applying some of the design features from its bigger tractors, making daily servicing and checks easy with a one-piece lift bonnet, radiator removable screen, and easily accessible engine/transmission oil sights and fillers.

Lengthy service intervals are also good, at 100 hours for the engine, 200 hours for the transmission filter, and 400 hours for transmission oil change.

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As a lifestyle machine, I think the CS2610 is an excellent option.

If you have a bugger farming operation, the Kioti CS2610 will work quite well in cleaning out the calf barns or scrape around the feed pad.

With the 60-inch deck, you have a decent mower to quickly tidy up driveways and the lawns.

If I had one, doing the lawns around home might cease to be such a chore!

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