Video: Mahindra v Toyota utes

By: Matt Wood

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We pit the 70 series Toyota Landcruiser against the Mahindra Pik Up 4x4 in this video review. It turns out the Mahindra can hold its own, despite being less expensive, says Matt Wood.

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These two 4x4s have much common, aside from the fact the Mahindara is $40,000 cheaper.

The V8 in the Toyota Landcruiser isn’t short of grunt, but this ute is held back by a low-geared five-speed manual gearbox.

However, from a resale value perspective, even five-year-old 70 series Toyota Landcruisers are fetching more than $50,000. The Mahindra’s resale value however, is very low.

Watch our comparison video and judge for yourself.


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