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Here at TradeFarmMachinery we like to keep things convenient. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our top seed drill reviews in the hopes of sowing some knowledge before you go shopping.

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With some help from our friends in the land of the long white cloud, we’ve been able to review plenty of seeding equipment in the last couple of years.

We thought it best to pick a few of our recent reviews to give you some of the most up-to-date information on seed drills you’ll find.

So here are five of our latest and greatest from Tom Dickson, Jaiden Drought and Brent Lilley.


1. Kuhn SDE 3000


Starting off small, this Brazilian beast’s build quality left a strong impression on our resident reviewer Tom Dickson.

Tom dragged the SDE 3000 around behind a modern 140hp John Deere, but reckons you could easily get away with just 100hp for towing the drill on flat ground.

Another point about the SDE 3000 is that it lends itself well to pastoral renovation, with enough capacity for 740 litres of fertiliser.

Find out everything you need to know about the Kuhn SDE 3000 in our video review

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2. Duncan Ag Enviro 3000E


In New Zealand, Jaiden Drought took a look at another small (relatively, of course) seed drill: the Duncan Ag Enviro 3000E.

He was thoroughly impressed with the company’s flagship triple-disc model, citing contour following and seed placement as big pluses.

Because of this, he put the 3000E on-par with European air-fed drills.

Read Jaiden’s full thoughts on the Duncan Ag Enviro 3000E


3. Kuhn SD4000


If the SDE 3000 was just a tad small for you – here’s big brother.

NZ reviewer Brent Lilley took one look at the SD4000 and pointed out how well built it is, much like Tom’s observation with the smaller SDE 3000.

Brent says with three decades of experience making the SD range of triple disc drills, Kuhn is really on top of what works and what doesn’t.

We could go on, but we’d really suggest hearing about the SD4000 from the man himself


4. Allen Custom Drill H-D 6000


Moving on to the big boys, the Allen Custom Drill H-D 6000 received high praise from Jaiden Drought for being simple yet clever.

The six-metre-long, heavy duty machine will cost more upfront but was worked out to only cost $5-$6 per hectare.

Jaiden reckons this is less than half of what it can cost to run some other disc drills.

On top of that, he says the company is great when it comes to service and customisation, which we see as a huge benefit of buying local.

For a lot more information on the Allen Custom Drill H-D 6000, see the full review


5. 4AG Titan 6300 roller


Some people say ‘less is more’, but they’re wrong. More is definitely more.

The aptly named 4AG Titan 6300 is a behemoth compared to some seed drills, and the roller setup looks like it belongs on the front of a Mad Max-esque war machine (ie, it looks bloody cool).

First impressions aside, the Titan drew a few compliments and observations from Jaiden Drought which would make anyone curious to see the thing in action.

Points were awarded for easy maintenance and build quality, as well as a convenient transport setup, but Jaiden says it’s just a machine with good, honest ideas built into it.

Take Jaiden’s advice and have a gander at the 4AG Titan 6300


As a bonus for making it through all five reviews, we also dug up our guide to keeping ahead of common seeder problems, which could prove very useful if you find yourself buying one in the near future!


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