Video Review: John Deere 6175R tractor review

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The John Deere 6175R tractor is a 175hp model with “a blend of technology and simplicity that virtually anyone with a bit of machinery nous can quickly master”, says Technical Editor Tom Dickson.

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In this video review Tom says the big green machine handled both the 3.5m Sumo Trio cultivator and a fully loaded Herron silage wagon – weighing around 21 tonnes – with ease.

Among the many highlights are a four-pillar cab, which gives great visibility, and the Generation 4 CommandCenter that incorporates a speed control.

"You’ve got two selections of speed … it just slides up and [it gives you] a really good sense of where you are in that speed range," Tom says. "There’s also a really nice, intuitive-to-use 10-inch monitor."




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