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Smooth moving with Jetland ramps

Jetland’s range of heavy-duty loading ramps can help farmers to safely move their excavators or loaders wherever they need to be

As machinery such as loaders and excavators increase in popularity on Australian farms, every logistical aspect of their daily operations needs to be considered.

One part of the equation – particularly for broadacre farms with long distances between where the machine may be needed – is safe transportation.

This is where Jetland Loading Ramps enters the conversation.

The Australian-owned company builds and sells high-quality ramps to handle everything from ATVs through to 42-tonne machinery, while also catering to non-farm specific needs such as wheelchair and walk ramps.

Jetland is experienced enough to know that while many farmers’ ramp needs are similar, a one size fits all approach is not always the answer.

One of Jetland’s points of difference is its ability to custom build ramps to any specification, depending on a customer’s requirements.

Jetland stands out through the ease with which customers can both purchase their ramp and have it delivered.

Jetland’s website is kept up to date with an extensive and detailed product selection and provides the ability to order online.

Crucially, if something is listed on the website, it means stock is available at Jetland’s warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Mordialloc.

From there – Jetland promises free delivery Australia-wide to any commercial address with loading facilities, while also having a network of depots around the country where ramps can be delivered.

This represents a huge potential saving for customers in delivery costs, while also providing the confidence in knowing the locally built ramps will arrive quickly without delays in either manufacturing or overseas shipping.

The ramps can comfortably handle a variety of heavy machinery. Image: Jetland

Ramping up

Being able to get a product delivered anywhere within Australia for free – and quickly – would not count for much if the ramp itself was substandard.

This is not something Jetland ramp users need to consider though, with a wide variety of satisfied customers that are not only farmers but also who represent industries as diverse as plumbing and removalists.

Jetland ramps are built strong and heavy-duty for Australian conditions, with four different series available to help customers decide what will best suit their needs.

The first of these, the A Series, is suitable for rubber track machines and is available with load capacities between 2 and 6 tonnes and in lengths between 2.5m and 4.5m.

The B Series is suitable for rubber track and rubber tyre machines. This is available in 2 to 6 tonne load capacities and 1.8m to 4.5m lengths.

Jetland’s C Series is also suitable for both rubber track and rubber tyre machines and comes in with 4 to 21 tonne load capacities and 2.5m to 4.5m lengths.

Jetland’s heaviest duty offering, the D Series, is suitable for steel track, rubber pads on steel, rubber track and rubber tyre machines, and is available in 2.5m to 4.8m lengths.

The D Series has recently been upgraded to support much heavier loads, a move which Jetland says highlights the company’s commitment to innovation.

Designed by Japanese engineers, the D Series now supports up to 42 tonnes, where it was previously only rated up to 21 tonnes.

Jetland says this makes it the first 42-tonne rated loading ramp available in Australia.

This is evidence of the variety offered by Jetland, while another aspect to consider is the machine wheelbase.

Jetland says it is important for customers to consider the machine wheelbase when evaluating their ramp loading capacity.

They should also choose a ramp with an internal width that is at least 5cm wider than the wheels or tracks of the loaded machinery, the company says.

Solid choice

All Jetland ramps across the four series are built from super-strong aluminium, which helps to make them lightweight and portable.

Thorough safety systems and using high-quality raw material help to ensure a safe and reliable product, which also provides operators with confidence in carrying out secure loading and unloading of different types of machines.

Safety is a top priority when using loading ramps, and the Jetland team has put emphasis on ensuring their ramps not only meet but exceed safety standards.

The ramps feature anti-slip surfaces, ensuring maximum traction for vehicles and machinery during both loading and unloading.

They are also fitted with safety pins, ensuring the ramp remains securely in place during use.

Other features available across various Jetland models include a non-skid surface, flat rungs for smooth loading and heavy-duty raised tread on flat rungs.

All Jetland ramps are also backed up by a 12-month warranty, giving users additional peace of mind.

Jetland’s full range of ramps, and the delivery depot network, can be viewed online at www.jetlandramps.com.au

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