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TYM tractor excels at NSW nut farm

TYM’s T503 tractor is punching above its weight for a New South Wales nut farmer

William and Sally Cutler run a macadamia and pecan nut farm in Telegraph Point, New South Wales.

With 20 hectares, a lot of time is spent harvesting nuts and maintaining the property.

Will relies on his Korean-made TYM T503 HST tractor for just about every job around the farm, with the 50hp workhorse having amassed over 5,400 tractor hours since 2010.

“The TYM T503 tractor is both very universal and also a great orchard tractor,” Will says.

“With its low centre of gravity and small turning circle, it manoeuvres brilliantly around the orchard rows and in between the branches.

“HST transmission means that I can go back and forth in the orchard, using the pedals without wasting time changing gears.

“It’s easy to adjust the speed incrementally so I have complete control, which increases my productivity.”

As with all tractors, the choice of implements is important to ensure it is best suited to individual farming operations.

The TYM T503 works perfectly in tandem with what Will requires to efficiently harvest the macadamias and pecans.

“During harvest time, I put the harvester on the front, the mulcher on the back, and I can harvest nuts and cut the grass at the same time, so the ground is ready for the next batch,” he says.

“It’s important to keep a well-maintained orchard so the nuts can be picked up properly.

“I have lots of attachments and also use forks on the front and a half-tonne megabin.

“Wide industrial tyres are an option, and I chose these because they have less ground compression and don’t damage the orchard surface.”

It is not just in direct orchard work that Will’s TYM tractor excels, having also benefited him while completing necessary maintenance around the farm.

“As well as orchard work, I’ve used the TYM T503 to clear around the edge of the farm, snig logs, make roads with gravel in the bucket, put in a couple of dams, expand the dams and clean them,” he says.

“It’s very balanced in 4WD and can go most places. The flat operator’s platform makes getting on and off the tractor very easy.”

Will also has a TYM T1003 tractor, which he uses for chipping, pruning and heavier mulching jobs around the property, but the TYM T503 is his go-to tractor.

“What I love about the TYM T503 is that it’s doing the work you’d expect out of a higher horsepower tractor but with the advantages of a more compact tractor,” he says.

“It has all the power I need and has been very reliable, working over 5,400 hours since 2010 and with a lot more to come.”

The TYM T503 tractor is available with either manual or HST transmissions, folding ROPS or cabin versions and is powered by a quiet, four-cylinder Perkins diesel engine.

TYM tractors are distributed by Inlon dealers across Australia. For more information, call 1800 945 090 or visit

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