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Waringa seeing strong demand for Broughan trailers

Waringa Distribution has recently started importing Broughan agricultural trailers out of Ireland and is already seeing strong demand in the Australian market

While attending a major industry event in Germany last year, the team from Waringa Distribution was on the hunt for new products to add to its Australian distribution network.

Fast forward to today, and not only is Waringa importing trailers from Ireland’s Broughan Engineering to the Australian market, it is finding that these agricultural trailers are in high demand.

“Broughan is a very well-known trailer in Europe, especially in Ireland and the UK, and there’s an opportunity for them to thrive in Australia now,” Waringa Distribution general manager Sam Abbott says.

“It’s very early days, but we are already seeing a lot of enquiries.”

Broughan trailers

Already known in Australia for its silage and grain trailers, Abbott says Broughan has two other trailer ranges that Waringa is focusing on streamlining into the Australian market.

“These trailers can have various purposes, such as carrying bulk materials like grain or fertiliser, which makes all the ranges very appealing to customers,” Abbott says.

Broughan’s dump trailers can be used for moving around heavy materials such as tree stumps and rocks, while its flat bale trailers can be used as the name suggests – to handle and transport bales.

According to Abbott, the Broughan trailer range is seeing a lot of demand in the Australian market due to its premium build quality.

“Throughout Europe, Broughan is very well known for its trailers’ weight distribution and how well they tow materials in the field and down the road,” he says.

“Its build quality certainly sticks out from some of its competitors.”

Abbott says Broughan is a family-owned business, with its owners heavily involved in day-to-day operations and working closely with its staff in the manufacturing process, something he says customers appreciate.

All three of the trailer ranges come with a sprung drawbar as standard, which helps cushion the ride and ensure smoother operation, and they all encompass premium flotation tyres, according to Abbott.

With a growing market in Australia for the Irish-built trailers, Waringa is hoping to set up an exclusive dealer agreement across Australia and New Zealand.

Broughan trailers are versatile enough to handle Australian needs. Image: Waringa

Broad product range

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the Waringa business is comprised of three different units – farming, distribution and aviation.

Waringa supplies its imported range of broadacre agriculture products through its distribution centre in Perth, which is accompanied by an assembly facility.

Another distribution centre and assembly facility are located in Horsham, Victoria, with construction underway for another one in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

The distribution side of the business was established in 2014 and entails many different international brands that Waringa imports and distributes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Starting off importing and distributing Agri-Spread lime and fertiliser spreaders out of Ireland, the business now does the same for Elmer’s Manufacturing’s chaser bins (Canada), Highline’s rock packers and bale handling equipment (Canada), Gregoire Besson’s tillage equipment (France) and Gerginghoff’s harvesting equipment (Germany).

Waringa also imports Equalizer seeders and air carts from South Africa, with Waringa holding distribution rights on the east coast of Australia.

Except for Equalizer, Waringa is the official distributor of all these brands across all of Australia and New Zealand.

Waringa Distribution was established in 2014, importing and distributing Agri-Spread products out of Ireland. Image: Waringa

Dealer network

Focusing on premium agricultural equipment, Abbott says the business spends and invests heavily in its research and development, to ensure its dealers have an abundance of resources available to them.

“We work very closely with our manufacturers and have a lot of resources on the ground, from product support to a recently appointed research and development manager,” he says.

Across Australia and New Zealand, the Perth-based business has approximately 60 dealers and dealer branches, but says it is always looking to grow – making its products readily available for customers over both countries.

“We’re always looking to expand,” Abbott says.

“We’re looking at expanding our dealer network and product offering across Australia and New Zealand and we welcome dealer inquiries”.

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